Face Tubes

Our Face Tubes are breathable and seamless. Face coverings help to mitigate dispersal of germs by the wearer. Use this comfortable mask when travelling through shops, congested airports, bus terminals, malls, parks, and busy city streets.

You can increase the effectiveness by doubling or even triple folding the fabric layer.

We gather our information from The Cochrane Review, a systemic analysis of published studies on a given topic, which found strong evidence during the 2003 SARS epidemic in support of wearing masks. One study of community transmission in Beijing found that “consistently wearing a mask in public was associated with a 70% reduction in the risk of catching SARS.” SARS, like Covid-19, is a respiratory illnesses caused by the same family of viruses called coronavirus.

An infectious diseases specialist at the Hong Kong University School of Medicine, said that “if you look at the data in Hong Kong, wearing a mask is probably the most important thing in terms of infection control.”

Multi function-Face tubes can be worn a variety of ways:

  • bandanna
  • scarf
  • beanie
  • headband
  • wristband
  • helmet-liner
  • muffler
  • neck gaiter
  • dust screen
  • hair band

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