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The Chilling Spot (Morgan Imports LLC)

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PB Mister Replacement Parts

PB Mister Replacement Parts

All of your replacement parts for the PB Mister. Don't throw it away, fix it! Nozzle kits, rebuild kits for the pressure-relief mechanism, handles and bottles are all available. We can help make your PB Mister new again. For help choosing the right part, please click here. We want to make sure you get the correct part to fix your PB Mister. We still have replacement parts for the original pressurized PB Mister as well as the pressure-relief style. Please check the link to help you determine which style you have.

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We created the original Pump Bottle Mister® (PB Misters®) in 2007. We were the first in the retail market to offer this style mister and our design has evolved over the years to be the best in the market.  We have continually made improvements that have kept us ahead of our competitors.

Over the years we have expanded from misters to additional outdoor comfort options. We carry a unique variety of camping and glamping supplies that are sure to entice any outdoor lover or festival-goer. We have been one of the leading names in this business for over 16 years. If you’re seeking the finest in outdoor comfort and glamping products, then look no further! Place your order today.

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