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Instructions for the Filling and Care of The Hangout™

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The Hangout™ Air Chamber Replacement Instructions

The ripstop nylon outer shell of the Hangout™ is extremely durable; but if you have actually managed to get a hole in the inner liner itself or are simply wanting to "freshen up" your Hangout™ by washing and replacing the liner we offer a solution for you! Also compatible with most other brands of the same style inflatable loungers.

You may purchase a replacement liner here on the website for only $9.99 plus tax and shipping. Then watch the video below on instructions for replacing the liner. You can save a step after removing the liner if you are not interested in washing The Hangout™ before replacing the liner. After removing the liner, simply reinsert a new liner before stretching The Hangout™ back out, this will save you the steps of finding your way back through the shell!

The Hangout™