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Ratio of Bleach to water for a disinfectant purpose:

1 Liter bottle- 2 Tbl. bleach , add water to fill line

1.5 Liter bottle- 3 Tbl. , add water to fill line 

Additional Recommendations:

  • NOT following the recommended ratios CAN lead to bottle leakage.
  • Pre-wash surface.
  • Allow solution to contact the surface for 5 minutes.
  • Label bottle contents for safety.
  • Be cautious with over-spray as bleach solutions may discolor fabrics. You can adjust the nozzle to reduce the spread of the mist.
  •  If using an industrial disinfectant be sure to follow ALL dilution instructions properly. We recommend testing the bottle in a controlled environment by leaving the filled bottle for a period of time in a bucket or sink to ensure the solution won’t cause leaking.

Our personal pressure-relief PB Misters are the safest on the market!

We were the first to bring a pressurized mister to the market in 2007 and have to continued to lead with a pressure-relief feature for increased safety. The PB Mister line is available in 2 sizes with a wide range of colors to suit you. Mix and match for team colors!

Add a Chill Sleeve to keep the water ice cold, and save $ by ordering as a combo with the mister, listed as a Mister Chill in the catalog.

Our solid brass nozzles offer an adjustable tip to from a fine mist to a stream with a slight turn of the tip. The kids figure this out very quickly; can you say “water fight”!

All replacement parts are also available from the nozzle to the handle and bottle. So don’t toss it, fix it!

We still have a small quantity of the original pressurized mister available in the 1 liter size, on Sale! Look for the original PB Mister Jr in the catalog.

Order your Personal pressure-relief PB Misters today and use for personal and pet cooling, misting plants, use out on the grill, use with mild household cleaners or pesticides in the yard, clean off the sand at the beach, detail the car, RV or boat. So many more uses, let us know how you use yours!

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