Wine Glass Caddy for Boats and RVs

Wine Glass Caddy for Boats and RVs

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You don't have to settle for acrylic glasses or stemware anymore!

Travel Securely in your boat or RV with our hand-crafted wine glass caddies. Made with a solid wood base and non-slip bottom to keep this caddy securely in place in a moving vehicle.

  • Holds 4 glasses.
  • This caddy is adjustable in height for different stem lengths.
  • Also adjustable width with 2 holes to hold different size glasses.
  • You have the option of a cork or foam top for the glasses to rest on which prevents chipping of the rim
  • Another option is to turn the glasses upright, then fill and serve this way!

Now available with or without stemware! We have a limited amount of Reidel® Cabernet Stemware availabe to go with your new Wine Glass Caddy.