PB Mister Jr. 1L

PB Mister Jr. 1L

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Our PB Mister Junior with Pressure Release contains a 1 Liter Mister and a matching color carrying strap. Fill with Ice and water up to the small yellow sticker leaving 2 inches of room for air and screw on the handle. Pump until you feel resistance, then mist away. No batteries required and no hand-fatigue! As the bottle empties with water, you will need to re-pump again to create more pressure.

In addition to keeping you cool, this multi-purpose sprayer can be used for:
• Camping and hiking, boating and the beach
• Pet cooling
• Cleaning floors, windows and more
• Taming flare-ups on the grill
• Misting indoor and outdoor plants

And so many more, let us know how you use yours!