The Hangout™ in Plum

The Hangout™ in Plum

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The Hangout™ is a comfortable seat or sofa for two that you can fill with air within seconds using a unique filling technique. (No equipment needed) While The Hangout is large and comfy when you use it, it is easily deflated and stored in a small pack allowing you to take it anywhere you want! As a result The Hangout is perfect for all your outdoor activities such as, festivals, beach trips, camping, sporting events, concerts, hanging out in the park and much more. Ours also comes with a strap to secure it when the winds pick up!

The Hangout™ now features:

  • 2 pockets with velcro closures to secure your tablet, phone, keys or other personal items!
  • A larger stronger buckle. 
  • Rolled double stiched seams for increase weight strength and durability.
  •  An elastic tie-down strap for more "give" when securing The Hangout™ to an object.
  • The carrying bag now offers a single strap with slide for easier adjustablility and comfort.
  • Includes tent stake and carabiner.

Material: Rip Stop Nylon and 4.5mil PCV plastic.

The Hangout™ can hold approx. 500 lbs and is approx. 2.5x6 ft. long when filled and rolled. This can vary depending on how much air The Hangout™ is filled with and how many times it is rolled down.


Does the material rip or tear on rough surfaces?

Actually they don't get holes easily at all; and we have tried! They are made of rip-stop nylon with a heavy inner plastic liner. If you should actually get a hole in the liner, you could cover that with duct or box tape from the inside of the bag as a temporary fix. We've had The Hangouts™ up in the mountains as well as on the sharp rocks of the beach to take photos and we really put them to the test. We placed them on sticks and small branches intentionally not moving any out of the way. We also placed them on the sharpest craggy rocks at the beach. They performed beautifully! The nature of the material is to limit a tear, hence the rip-stop.

If you should actually happen to get a hole in the liner and need a replacement, they are available at an affordable $9.99 ea.

How do you keep it in place in the wind?

We've added tie-downs to The Hangout™ to help secure it in light winds. We recommend using the carrying bag as a weight by filling it with sand, dirt or rocks and attaching it to the ring on the tie-down. Alternatively, you can use a caribiner to connect The Hangout™ to a weighted, moveable object. We don't recommend staking it to the ground or a stationary object as it may stress the fabric if someone "plops down" on The Hangout™. Remember, it's not a trampoline!

If you encounter heavier winds, we recommend deflating The Hangout™ while not in use.

Cleaning and washing instructions:

*To clean you can use a mild detergent,  if needed, with a damp cloth. If you need to  wash The Hangout™ in the machine, we recommend removing the liner by unrolling the bands to release the liner and pulling the liner through. Do not wash liner in machine. Do not use Bleach. Hang or air dry. Do not twist the liner when replacing after washing or the bag will not fill properly.

Product Warnings: This item is not a toy nor recommended as a flotation device. 

Suffocation Warning: Keep the plastic bag away from children and pets.

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