Fire Buggz

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  • Crank-Eez
         The Crank-Eez from Firebuggz is the perfect roaster to allow for nice even browning. Made out of 304 food safe stainless steel, the Crank-Eez campfire roaster is perfect for kids and adults. Patented design allows the Crank-Eez to rotate your food over the open fl..
  • Fire Fishing Poles
                   The Fun is in the Flip! ​ Hot dog/marshmallow roaster that looks and feels like a fishing pole. Powder coat finish rod; stainless steel hook; birch/maple handle. Kids and adults will enjoy roasting their food with this fun product. W..
  • Firebuggz Family Pack
    The Firebuggz Family FUN Pak is a perfect addition to any camping trip, hiking adventure, or tailgate party. Family Fun Pak Bundle: 2 Fire Fishing Poles Campfire Roasters 2 Crank Eez Campfire Roasters Deluxe Buggzy base organizer  Deluxe Carry Bag (Camouflage or Charc..
  • Firebuggz Happy Pak
    The Happy Pak from Firebuggz is everything you need to have a great campfire experience with your friends and family. Roast marshmallows, hot dogs, or other delicious campfire food!  See the video on the Fire Fishing Pole page for the "how-to's"!  Bring the FU..
  • Firebuggz Reach-N-Roll Roaster
    High-quality stainless steel campfire roaster has a telescopic compact design that can go from 10” to 34”. The Reach N Roll Campfire Roaster is available in four FUN colors and has a durable wooden handle.  Rotate your food by simply turning the thumb knob at the base of the handle. Great fo..